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About ST Marys English Academy (Rec.No.-2014126/2014)

Welcome to St. Mary’s English School situated at BABURBANA, Nalanda Bihar. An English school where all the teachers and students having a passion to making the real Environments of the education using the English medium. It is an innovative educational institution which aims at creating a new generation with values and virtues. A school where a lot of facilities for the students are available . It provides a pleasant creative environment to make learning effective and enjoyable. At present the school has classes from N.C. to Std X.. The medium of instruction in the classes and communication in the campus is English. The St. Mary’s English School with the most modern facilities for the all-round development of each child with a view of achieving this end and to ensure individual attention. We have limited the seats in each class. We have vibrant PTA extending its enthusiasms in all the activities of the school. Here students destination is to learn impeccable fluent Spoken English and develop strong confident personality. As a leader in English for competitive examinations provides the most diversified curriculum with extensive emphasis practice One to One model.


The  upliftment of the younger generation through education and thus to highlight the national integrity and unity.
The priorities in education are only academic excellence but also formation of youth in discipline, hard work and moral and religious values. These priorities are meant to prepare the young citizen for life by promoting intellectual excellence, moral sensitivity to the moral rights and needs of other. The students and teachers are excepted to make these priorities their owner.


Though English is the medium  of instruction, Hindi our national language has a vital role in the curriculum and is a subject taught daily in standards.

We follow CBSE syllabus in tune with the NCRT method. NCRT dirction are followed and changes are brought into according the direction of NCRT from time to time.


 GENERAL RULE: Strict regularity, obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct and cleanliness are expected from each student.

               Hence irregular attendance, habitual idleness, unsatisfactory applications of mind to studies, disobedience ,and objectionable moral influence in and out of the school, justify dismissal of the ward from the school .Parents will be intimated before such an action is taken.



 Wear the school uniform on all school days.

Keep cleanliness of dress and person

Be fair and honest at work and consider the rights of others.

Consider the principle or the class teacher, if he/she demands any rectification.

Make home work as regular parts of study.


No students will be attend the class without uniform except on his/her BIRTHDAY, on which day he she can wear the civil dress.

Student should be punctual.

Participation of the student in the assembly should be in an orderly manner.

School properties, should not be damaged and it should be treated as your own.

Damaging school properties, writing or drawing on walls doors etc. and misusing school material and misbehavior must be avoided with almost care.

No student shall disturb other classes on the filmsy phase of getting  the loan of a pencil, pen or book etc from his/her friend.

None shall come to school without the home work diary.

It is not advisable to bring valuable material in the school.

It is not advisable to bring valuable material in the school.

Development charge of Rs. 500 must be paid every year.

No student is allowed to school without the Home work diary


Parents have a greater role to play in the education and formation of the young persons. It is home where a child begin his education. The formation of his conscience and character begin from home and take shape as his education progresses. There fore a huge responsibility lies with the parents. They should create an atmosphere in which the child can learn moral and intellectual values. The children should be allowed to grow as independent, resourceful and useful members of home and society. The children should be reminded to keep their room tidy and get them polish their own bags. By this way they may know and respect the dignity of work. Do everything that are possible by the parents to have a bright future for the kids.

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