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St. Mary’s English School Management team is a unique of experienced educationalist from Kerala and Bihar. The qualified and trained teachers always succeed to achieve the aims of the institution. The youth in them boosts the energy to work hard among the students.

The main objective of our school is to create a free and healthy atmosphere to inculcate the spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, a sense of discipline, gentle manners and refined tastes. The priorities in education are not only academic excellence but also formation of youth in discipline, hard work and in moral and religious values. Equal importance is being given to build a healthy and a strong body by games and sports. We care to foster positive, supportive and stimulating relationships with all members of the school community and the wider worlds. We encourage everyone to reach their own informed judgments and decision and to act upon the responsibility.


Our Motto

Our motto is to lead the younger generation from darkness to light through a supreme quality of education. We want the upliftment of our students through education and discipline and thus highlight the national integrity and unity.



St. Mary’s English School is located at Sheikhpura Road in Barbigha. The District town is Sheikhpura which is fourteen km away from Barbigha. Our town is blessed with pleasant and salubrious climate. The school is well placed in a peaceful atmosphere, away from pollution of city. The School is situated just opposite of our first Chief Minister, Sri Krishna Singh's village' named Maur.

  • Classes from Nursery to Std- X
  • Spoken English environment in school
  • Well maintained discipline
  • Experienced and qualified teachers from Kerla & Bihar.
  • Transport facilities
  • Hostel for boys
  • Play ground
  • Smart Classes.
  • St Marys English School
  • Organization name St Marys English School
  • Sheikhpura Road, Barbigha,
  • 9771521414 , 9234126802 ,