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About us

This education hub came into existence in the year of 1995. The Hub is successfully and devotedly running on the pattern of CCe education of CBSE, New Delhi. it is a secular kind of hub where student's from different religious in the part education without feeling of any kind of discrimination. It has discovered sophisticated manner as well as thought ful.


Aim & Objectives

Our sole and singular aim lies in providing modern education based on cultural, social and religious heritage, All these infuse an adequate and balanced sense among the student so that they can claim themselves as true Indian's with all their makings.


Assembly and Moral Education

It is a regular feature of this school. Here, students and Teachers present devotional songs, patriotic songs, news of the day thought of the day, national anthem and pledge to the nation. The main purpose of the assembly is to include values in the student making them self-reliant and better citizens for all purposes related to various fields of life.


Co-Curriular Activities

The school lays adequate, balanced and appropriate stress to inclucate moral values especially respect and responsibility among its students. Participation in quiz, group discussion and debate contest is a must for each and every student from class two onwards. The introduction of these three activities has brought fruitful result filling the student with bubbling confidence, courage and determination too in pursing or carrying on their studies.


Admission Session

Our academic session is from April to March. it has been divide into following three terms.
1st term:- April to July
2nd Term:- August to November
3rd term:- December to March


Progress Report

Parents are kept regularly informed of their ward's academic periodically for the academic progress and co-curricular activities. Tests and Terminal examinations are conducated periodically for the academic assesssment of the students. Besides these class tests are conducted periodically.Promotion is granted on their basis of the whole years performance. Parents must collect and sign in the progress report after the declaration of the result of each examination.


Teachers/Parents meet

teachers meet in every session for improving the all over academic standard of the school.



Children seeking admission to nursery should have attended the age of 3 or 4 Years respectively as on 1st April on that Year.



The School also provides the student with a well- stocked, furnished and rich library containing books on various subject & Newspapers broadening the mental horizon of the users.


Computer Studies

The School also provides the students with a well- equipped, beautiful and rich computer laboratory. The computer education is compulsory for students from std. 1 to X.



The School has its own vehicle facilities avaliable on demand of the students as well as parents.


School Timing

Summer:- 06:30 A.M to 11:30 A.M
Winter:- 08:30 A.M to 02:10 P.M

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