Eklavya Med-Jee classes Eklavya Med-Jee classes

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An institution with well furnished, airy and lighted class rooms. Orientation inside the mentality of a student is our priority. We provide the syllabus of CBSE course book, tips related to them as well as the solution and making understand the students with high level thinking orders, problems regarding them, books of standard syllabi. Result of this institution always marked fruitfully in the heart of guardians as well as the regarding students. We motivate the students regarding the right path of their career and try to make their future bright. Any query related to any subject or the senior education, we solve as max as possible. We make the negative attitudes positive by the method of different teaching styles. Our students nominated themselves as winners in different competitions organized by different schools, administrations or different competitive exam organizers. We clear doubts of students at any cost, either by descriptive method or tricky method. We make the syllabus of the students so easy that they donot think it as burden. Our Students do not feel fear from examinations. We offer weekly test due to which doubts related to any chapter cleared.

We are promisable to students as well as guardians for their wards success. In future our institutions will launch different preparation regarding GOVT and Non-GOVT examinations.

Award to Best Performers

                        Weekly Test

  • Maths Class(VIII to +2)
  • chemistry & Biology(XI- XII)
  • Science( VIII to X)
  • Special Class for Xth Students
  • Study Center for CBSE student
  • Special Class for Boarding Students
  • Weekly Test
  • Scholarship
  • Prize Distribution
  • Quiz Contest
  • Eklavya Med-Jee classes
  • Organization name Eklavya Med-Jee classes
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