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Aggarwal Sweets & Snacks is new and very popular among its customers of Bihar Sharif, and we owe this success to our relentless drive to maintain high quality, and our passion for customer satisfaction. Aggarwal Sweets & Snacks is synonymous with the sweets and Snacks, which is made using a special benchmarked recipe that has been passed down generations.

Today Aggarwal Sweets & Snacks has One big retail outlet in BIhar Sharif. Aggarwal Sweets & Snacks follows the casual dining concept and provides a warm and hospitable ambience in the outlets.

All Aggarwal Sweets & Snacks production facilities, from sweet production units to kitchens, from ready-to-eat snacks unit to the bakery. Our customers are confident about the high level of quality and hygiene maintained by us.

Aggarwal Sweets & Snacks is a market leader in the sweets and snacks business in Bihar Sharif area. We have major expansion plans to open retail outlets across BIhar to sell sweets, snacks and ready-to-eat titbits and fast food products in different formats.

We are planning to enter the export market of ready-to-eat packed snacks and namkeens. This will start with exports to the all parts of Bihar and our neighbour states.

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