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Bihar Sharif, also spelled as Biharsharif and even called Bihar by few, is the district headquarter of Nalanda district of Bihar state. This town lies in the Hiranya Prabhat Parvat (recently known as Badi Pahari), on the bank of River Panchanan. This town is Situated 80 km away from the state capital, Patna. The town also has a railway station of its own that connects it to major cities on the Bakhtiyarpur-Rajgir-Tilaiya line, such as Patna, Delhi, Kolkata and Varanasi. Being the district headquarter, Bihar Sharif is also accessible via road from the major hubs of the region and other parts of the country, on NH 31.

Market: - Biharsharif is a small town but everything is available here. It has Good schools, colleges, Shoppinig centers, hospitals, park, theaters. Sohsarai is a big market of sadi and other cloths imported from Surat and therefore known as Mini Surat. Agrculture is main activity of nearby villages of this town. So market is also based on agriculture. However different fast food shops and hawkers make this town attractive in evening. Banks situated in Ramchandrapur and Ranchi road play an important role in the economy of Biharsharif. Pulpar, Sabji Bajar and Khandakpar behove the town market. Tourism in nearby places like Nalanda, Rajgir and Pawapuri boosts economy of this town very much. This town supplies agricultural products like cauliflower, potato, mustard seed and other vegetables to neighbouring states. Although the economy is mainly based on agriculture products, footwear and garments are also manufactured at household industries.

Culture: - Since this town and all arrond areas were under Magadh kingdom so mejority of people speak Magadhi or Magahi. However Hindi, English and Urdu are official languages. Revdi is very famous of this town. just a 15km away Silaw has it’s own unique test of ‘KHJA’. Rice, pulse and vegitable are common food but Pitta becomes also very important dish as paus or pus month (according to hindu mythology) enters. Hindu and Muslim communities are main population here. Maniram baba’s akhada, Makhdum baba’s Mazar and Badi Pahadi are great symbolls of brotherhood. Bihar Sharif is also famous for Langot Fair at Baba Maniram Akhara and Urs fair at Bari Pahari.

Important Locations
: - Bihar Sharif is the center of Nalanda district therefore this has all government offices and facilities required in a district center. A town hall also known as Karpuri Bhawan is in the middle. DM residence is very near to this hall while a big field of town called as Shram Kalyan maidan is just beside this . This location is known as Hospital Mod also Aspatal Chauraha because of government hospital present over there. Except this, kachahri mod (for Nalanda college and distric court), Bihar Sharif railway station, Ramchandrapur bus stand, Government bus stand located near Nagarpalika market, Kargil Mod are other important places. The all colleges are operated under Magudh University.

  • Nalanda College (Kachahri Mod)
  • Kisan College (Sohsarai)
  • Sardar Patel Memorial College (Akhada Par)
  • P C P College
  • Nalanda Mahila college (Post Office Mod)
  • Allama Iqbal College (Railway Station Road)
  • Soghra College (Mehar Par)
  • Sadanand Intermediate College (Ramchandrapur)
  • K S T College

Transport: - Auto and Rikshaw are main transport to go anywhere in the town. The town is well connected by road to major cities like Patna, Rajgir, Silao, Nalanda, Harnaut, Hilsa, Ranchi, Dhanbad, koderma, Kolkata, Gaya, Hazaribag, Jahanabad, Bakhtiyarpur and Barh. Being the district headquarters, there is a regular bus service to all major hubs in the region. Bihar Sharif is located on the broad gauge branch line connecting Bakhtiyarpur and Tilaiya via Rajgir. The town is served by a direct daily superfast train to New Delhi (Shramjeevi Express). Besides there are numerous passenger connections to the state capital Patna and Rajgir from where rest of India is well connected.